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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a Web Site?

    Imagine your company brochure or promotional material on screen - that is a home page or web site. It is placed on-line within a hosting service and is available to all those seeking information about your product or service ....... 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year.

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  2. How Can a Web Site Help?

    A well designed and constructed web site or home page places your company on world view. With a potential readership of literally millions covering virtually every country, your page or site is there to be seen if marketed correctly and placed with a reputable hosting service. Your product and service has the potential to reach a global marketplace, as well as an extensive home-based market. By giving your advertising business to a web designer you work with them to produce an end product with which you are happy and you can explain exactly what you have in mind and what your expectations are of this medium.

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  3. What is a Domain Name?

    A domain name is the unique address given to every web page and used to find a web site on the Internet. There are several types available. You can have a domain name with your free Internet Service Provider and this shows up at the end of their own domain with your email address or nominated name. 

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  5. What is a Search Engine?

    Search engines are the mechanisms that generate traffic to your site but only if the information submitted is relevant and concise in nature. They are computers which seek out and hold the information given in your site so that people looking for a specific topic, area, type of site can find yours in the search engines' databases.

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  6. What is Hosting?

    Hosting means placing the site or home page within the allocated space of a domain held and operated by another company. It is not necessary for smaller sites to register a domain name of their own and for an annual fee these sites can be hosted on the 'parent site' by the site designer. For example our domain is freehosting.com and the company name of a client using us to host would look like: http://www.freehosting.com/galwayfoods/index.htm (as the front page), ...additional pages give further information.../galwayfoods/frozen.htm
    However businesses or organisations benefit from registering their own domain name as this offers a more professional appearance.

    Many companies offer free hosting facilities. The disadvantage to this is that they place banner advertisements on the pages, many of which are often large and overpowering. Your details may be sold to bulk mailing companies leaving you open to tons of e-mail. It is from these advertising sources that their own revenue is obtained.

    Reputable design houses offer a good maintenance and up-date service to keep the site as visible as possible and this is normally part of the agreement to hosting the site. It is necessary that the hosting service is placed with a good and reputable company which ensures technical support and a daily back-up service as well as security.

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  8. How many pages should I have or do I need?

    This really boils down to the message or information you want to convey effectively. The answer to this question lies with the nature of your site. It could range from 1 to more than 100 pages although each and every page must have a clear purpose. A typical product or service selling site should generally consist (as a basic minimum) of the following pages:

    • Home Page
    • Service
    • Support
    • Contact Us

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  9. I've seen free web page makers; why do I pay for TN Web Solution to design my web site?

    Almost anyone can create a web site with software available today. However, the success of a site is dependant on methodical planning and design that functions well and appeals visually to its intended audience. Software of this nature produce commonly used templates, so your site will lack flexibility and have the look of other common, software generated pages. Only a skilled, creative and an experienced web designer can create a tailored design for you, based on your own requirements. It's really a case of the level of professionalism you want to project to your audience and the effectiveness you want your site to achieve!

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  10. What if I need to make changes in text and pictures of my website after it has been developed?

    All the changes in text, pictures are free after your website has been developed and you have paid. However if the number of request for changes exceed 3 requests per month, you would be charged a nominal price for that.

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  11. Can I build My Own Website?

    Of course you can! The question really is, do you want to? Would you build your own computer? Your own car? How much time are you willing to spend? How much technical detail are you willing to learn? Will you be satisfied with the results?

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